Ruth S. Johnson

Using Data to Close the Achievement Gap

Ruth S. Johnson is an expert in the concrete ways schools can close the achievement gap.  Dr. Johnson is a Professor of Education Administration at California State University, Los Angeles and is currently researching processes related to changing the academic culture of urban schools.

Before becoming a member of the faculty at California State University, Los Angeles, Dr. Johnson served in many positions at the K-12 levels.  She has been a classroom teacher, instructional consultant, director of elementary education, an analyst, an assistant superintendent of schools in the areas of curriculum and business, and a superintendent of schools.  In addition, she directed the Southern California Office of the Achievement Council, a nonprofit public interest organization whose mission is to examine outcomes for urban and low-income students and to help schools build internal capacity.  Dr. Johnson has also directed a teacher initiative for the Los Angeles Annenberg Metropolitan Project. 

Dr. Johnson has authored several books and serves as a consultant for districts across the United States.  She received her Ed.D. in Educational Theory from Rutgers University.

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