Edivate Individual License

Edivate Individual License


Get a front row seat in the best classrooms in the world with Edivate, the largest online professional development library for teachers anywhere!

Edivate, the new PD 360 is the largest, most awarded library of online professional development tools for educators. It gives you

  • Video footage of the best classrooms in the world
  • Lesson plans from the most talented teachers in every subject
  • Help from the leading experts in education

For only $200, you get year-long access to Edivate with thousands of professional learning videos, hundreds of lesson plans, eBooks, and more—everything you need to make your classroom the very best it can be.

"I had one teacher tell me that she had learned more in a 17-minute Edivate video segment than she had learned in two years of talking about and studying the same subject"

—Karen Sanders, Retired Director of PD Burleson ISD, TX

"Many of our teachers are saying that this is the best professional development they have ever experienced."

—Monty Wilson, Supervisor of Secondary Curriculum and Instruction Wilson County Schools, TN

What you get with Edivate: Resources on every professional learning topic to suit your unique needs

Regardless the skills you want to develop, Edivate has a solution for you.

Watch over 2,500 professional development videos on 125 topics, including:

Classroom Management

  • Winning students over
  • Helping disruptive students
  • Motivating students

Helping families support students

  • How to build parental involvement programs
  • Programs to provide training to parents
  • Successful home learning activities

Common Core implementation

  • Standard by standard, grade by grade Common Core implementation
  • Aligning assessments to the Common Core and state standards

Minority student achievement

  • English language learning and development
  • How to increase minority student achievement

Helping English language learners succeed

  • Vocabulary, reading, and writing for ELL students
  • Driving second language acquisition
  • Using visual tools to help drive learning in ELL students

Working with students from a culture of poverty

  • Affirming differences
  • Raising expectations
  • Engaging families

Getting more out of PLCs

  • Making collaboration more useful
  • Developing as an instructional leader

Stress management for teachers

  • Restructuring priorities
  • Desktop yoga
  • Taking your time back at home and at school

Integrating technology into the classroom

  • Data-driven teaching
  • Preparing a technology-infused lesson plan
  • Achieving success with 1:1 technology

Teaching special needs students

  • Autism education and training
  • Helping student with Asperger’s

Project-based learning

  • Project-based learning mini lessons
  • Assessments for the project-based learning classroom
  • Integrating technology into project-based learning

Response to intervention

  • Creating assessments
  • Monitoring students
  • Decisions based on data

Content area instruction

  • Teaching with math tasks
  • Reading success and literacy in the content areas
  • Social studies and STEM instructional strategies

Student-centered learning

  • Building a Learning Community
  • Establishing Daily Rituals and Routines
  • Instilling Ownership and Responsibility

Differentiating instruction

  • The basics of differentiation
  • Adjustable assignments
  • Differentiated assessments
  • View thousands of hours of video footage featuring real teachers in real classrooms demonstrating best practices
  • Hear from leading education experts speaking on dozens of topics


Step-by-step guidance for implementing your state standards

See first hand how some of the most successful teachers in the US are making remarkable progress implementing the Common Core and other state standards in their classrooms—and how you can replicate that same success.

With Edivate, you'll get:

  • Hundreds of videos of expert-selected master teachers demonstrating how they implement each standard in their own classroom—across grade levels and subjects.
  • Standards-specific, downloadable lesson plans prepared by experts and demonstrated with video in real classrooms
  • Standards-focused classroom resources aligned to your specific state standards, whether Common Core, TEKS, Georgia Keys, and most others.
  • A learning progression tool that gives an easy, bird’s eye view of the Common Core, tracking progression of each individual standard from Kindergarten through twelfth grade with easy-to-access lesson plans and videos aligned to each standard.

Research-proven to increase student test scores

Research examining the impact of Edivate usage on education outcomes has been featured in over half-a-dozen studies published in peer-reviewed, academic journals. These studies reveal that when teachers use the resources in Edivate, dramatic improvements occur.

  • Math and reading proficiency increases. A study published in the International Journal of Evaluation and Research in Education, showed that schools in which teachers watched as little as 10 minutes of Edivate content a week experienced an average gain of 18% i n student proficiency on math and reading assessments.*
  • Positive impact in the classroom and beyond. The benefits of using Edivate go beyond just the classroom. Another study published in the Journal of Instructional Psychology found that when teachers use the resources in Edivate for 10 minutes a week or more, improvements occurred across their classrooms and schools.**
Improved Dropout Rates

Approximately 20 fewer dropouts per 100 students were reported for higher engagement schools.

Improved Student Discipline

Approximately 33 fewer discipline problems were reported per 100 students in higher engagement schools.

Higher College-Bound Rates

Approximately 10 in every 100 students who may not have planned on attending college before said they now plan to attend.

Improved Teacher Retention

Approximately 3 in every 100 teachers who would have left their school decided to stay instead.

* Shaha, S.H. & Ellworth, H. (2013 & 2014). Multi-State, Quasi-Experimental Study of the Impact of Internet-Based, On-Demand Professional Learning on Student Performance. International Journal of Evaluation and Research in Education, Vol. 2, No. 4.

** Shaha, S.H. & Ellworth, H. (2014). Predictors of Success for Professional Development: Linking Student Achievement to School and Educator Successes through On-Demand, Online Professional Learning. Journal of Instructional Psychology (JIP), Vol. 40, No. 1.