Core Learning: Assessing What Matters Most

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Core Learning: Assessing What Matters Most

Jay McTighe

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Core Learning: Assessing What Matters Most by Jay McTighe is a LumiBook®—a next-generation ebook you read online in the LumiBook library.

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A Blueprint for Designing Incredible Standards-Aligned Classroom Assessments

The most important outcomes contained in academic standards (such as Common Core, TEKS, etc.) cannot be appropriately assessed using multiple-choice test items—this requires more robust performance measures. In Core Learning: Assessing What Matters Most, author Jay McTighe offers readers a framework for designing standards-aligned classroom assessment tasks that engage students in demonstrating their learning in authentic ways.

For administrators:

Train your teachers to create classroom assessments that improve learning, accurately measure student mastery of state-based standards (Common Core, TEKS, etc.), and put your school on the path to standards implementation success:

  • Improve standards implementation by turning assessments into learning experiences.
  • Get an accurate picture of how well state standards implementation is going in your school or district.
  • Identify the student and teacher needs and areas for improvement in standards implementation—then create interventions to help spur improvement.

For teachers:

Learn to create classroom assessments that improve learning and measure student mastery of standards by breaking out of the multiple-choice paradigm:

  • Build around performance tasks, not rote memorization.
  • Design assessments that engage students, and improve learning outcomes every step of the way.

Here’s what you get for only $59.95

  1. Access to the interactive, next-generation ebook, Core Learning: Assessing What Matters Most
  2. Discussion with the author and other readers, where you can talk about the ideas in Core Learning: Assessing What Matters Most and offer advice and new ideas for writing performance task tests.
  3. 29 "how-to" videos, including:
    • "Assessment Methodology"
    • Rubric Mathematical Problem Solving
    • Common Core Standards-Aligned Writing Rubrics
    • "10th Grade Classroom Example"
    • "1st Grade Classroom Example"
    • And many more
  4. 46 teacher support documents, with hands-on test creation materials—frameworks and rubrics that walk you step-by-step through how to create and score performance tasks tests. These documents include:
    • "List of Attributes 21st Century Employers Are Seeking"
    • "Recommendations for Dealing with Standardized Tests"
    • "Performance List for a Fairy Tale Writing Assignment"
    • "Rubric for a Scientific Investigation"
    • "Performance Task Review Criteria"
    • Assessment Planning Framework
    • And many more