Mapping to the Core: LumiBook plus LivePlanner

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Mapping to the Core: LumiBook plus LivePlanner

Marie Alcock, Heidi Hayes Jacobs, Ann Johnson, and Debbie Sullivan

Mapping to the Core: Mapping Your Common Core Implementation Plan: A Step-by-step Process" LivePlanner

The "Mapping to the Core" LivePlanner is a personal workshop that turns the theory of Mapping to the Core LiveBook into practice. The "Mapping to the Core" LivePlanner uses interactive features to help readers create personalized curriculum maps. "Mapping to the Core" LivePlanner provides step-by-step instructions and tools to successfully create customized curriculum maps that support teachers in aligning their practice with the Common Core Standards.

During the "Mapping to the Core" LivePlanner experience, readers will continue in professional learning communities. As educators participate in mapping forums, they can collaborate with the same peers as they go from theory to practice with their LivePlanner, providing a comprehensive learning experience that impacts practice.


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