Mapping to the Core: Integrating the Common Core Standards into Your Local School Curriculum

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Mapping to the Core: Integrating the Common Core Standards into Your Local School Curriculum

Heidi Hayes Jacobs

Mapping to the Core: Integrating the Common Core Standards into Your Local School Curriculum

"Mapping to the Core" gives educators the framework, research, and case studies behind curriculum mapping. This inaugural LiveBook takes educators through the vital task of integrating Common Core Standards. Mapping to the Core supports an online community of educators and enable collaboration across district and stat lines.

Heidi Hayes Jacobs takes readers through a four-phase model that covers the following:

  • Understanding basic mapping elements and types of maps
  • Develop core unit maps with integrated Common Core Standards
  • Establish core purposes for mapping
  • Develop consensus core maps with benchmark assessments
  • Integrate literacy strategies into the maps
  • Align the maps using the five alignment perspectives
  • Update maps to engage the 21st century learner
  • Sustain the core mapping review process


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