Madeline Hunter's Mastery Teaching
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Madeline Hunter's Mastery Teaching

Robin Hunter

'What do I teach this group of learners today?' Teachers make countless choices daily. Your own teaching decisions have a powerful impact on student learning. Knowing principles of learning and using them strategically and creatively are the hallmarks of the master teacher. Madeline Hunter's tried and true method for effective instruction remains one of the most important teaching approaches available to educators today. Madeline Hunter's Mastery Teaching is the best guide to rigorous standards-based instruction that covers teaching to both sides of the brain, teaching for meaning and retention, and teaching for transfer to real-life situations. This exciting new edition by educator Robin Hunter features:

  • Instruction, learning, motivation, guided practice, and behavior integrated into a comprehensive and effective model for classroom teaching
  • Newly updated and expanded content to encompass teaching for independent learning
  • Teaching tips, classroom examples, recommended readings, a new comprehensive index, and a discussion guide for each chapter Every educator will find this updated classic to be a refreshingly direct introduction to, or reminder of, the basic principles of effective instruction for academic excellence!