Common Core Standards in Mississippi

How to Implement the Common Core Standards in Every Mississippi Classroom

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As schools all over Mississippi begin to implement the Common Core, they are discovering that the Standards are not simply about new curriculum or a new set of tests. The Common Core Standards represent an entirely new approach to education, one that requires the right kind of training. 

Common Core 360, the Standards component of School Improvement Network’s Teacher Effectiveness System, provides that training. This tool gives administrators and teachers an understanding of the Common Core, and shows Mississippi educators how to utilize the Standards to improve student achievement.

With Common Core 360, Mississippi educators have access to the only training tool available that provides the following benefits:

Common Core 360 is compatible with funding from these and other sources:

Watch the introductory video on Common Core 360 and the vision of the Common Core State Standards.Watch a video on the Common Core State Standards

Common Core 360 gives educators at all levels every tool they need to prepare students for college and a career.

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