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September 3

Creating Connections and Relationships to Foster Student Success

This webinar will offer ways for developmentally responsive schools to support the social and emotional needs of their young adolescent students. Relationships are a key element for student success as fostering a sense of belonging can enhance learning.

Ellen D’Amore and Erin Tobul are educational consultants, teachers,  and creators of an effective thematic advisory program.  They will share their expertise and methods for implementing the following five themes.

  1. Early Connections
  2. Know Ones Self
  3. Know Each Other
  4. Know Our School
  5. Know Our Community

You’ll enjoy and appreciate their enthusiasm, knowledge, and passion for  improving school climate.  Take away inspiration to implement activities in your school that will create powerful connections.

Date and Time: September 3, 2015 at 4PM EST

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