Self-Assessment in Formative Assessment

Research tells us that students who are taught to self-assess and self-evaluate on a regular basis become more responsible. Sharing and working with learning targets provide opportunities for students to self-assess continuously so they can see what they need to do to achieve and hit specific goals.

The Learning Framework is a proven instructional process that encompasses the best of what research has made available with the ultimate goal of high achievement levels for all students. The implementation involves intentional effort to align every aspect of learning design with what we know and with what we want from our students.

• What assessment strategies can you implement that teach students to think about how and what they are learning and to assess their own learning?

• If your students were practicing self-assessment in your classroom, what would it look like? What is the evidence that you would observe?

• Once students are aware of their weaknesses, what opportunities can they be given to correct mistakes and overcome areas of difficulty?
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