Establishing Procedures and Routines for a New School Year

Establishing "procedures and routines" at the beginning of the school year, then maintaining them throughout the year is essential. Routines are important for students. No matter what teachers do, if they can keep the day the same in terms of increments of minutes and have them paced so that the students know what to expect, the teacher is going to deal with fewer problems over the long run. By putting procedures and routines in place or "routinizing" the classroom provides more time for valuable learning. Procedures that become routines provide stability and predictability in the classroom, an environment in which students thrive.

The goal is to teach students to become self-managers. Self-managers move through procedures without teacher intervention. They automatically know what to do in given situations. Self-managers are able to work independently or in small groups with limited supervision. The teacher simply monitors. Being prepared for those first days and weeks of class will help teachers beyond measure. However, no matter how prepared, some students are still going to test the boundaries.

To learn more about this topic, watch the following PD 360 video segment, (Procedures and Routines). Use your PD 360 login and password to access the segment. If you do not have a login, you can follow the same link for access.

Watch PD 360 Video Segment

Watch PD 360 Video Segment

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