Effective Classroom Management: Proactive Teaching Through Prevention

Great teachers do more than control their classroom; they have their students passionately engaged in the learning. An essential step to achieving success in the classroom is learning and practicing the art of prevention. Prevention is organized into multiple areas:

“Holding ground” is a facet of what teachers do proactively. It requires advance planning and commitment.

According to education expert Rick Smith, “It’s the toughest thing we do as classroom managers in the classroom is hold our ground with kids. And the research suggests that we only have to do it about seven hundred times a day…” Teachers must “avoid the Land of Reasons,” a place characterized by students asking for reasons why.

An important way for holding ground is learning to say ‘no’ effectively. It is simple, direct and to the point, and invites student cooperation. An effective ‘no’ is paradoxically firm and soft. A lot of teachers believe the word no is inherently negative, and should never be used. No problem. Use the word yes. Yes, Regina you can go to the bathroom in ten minutes when the bell rings. You never have to use the word no. Just use yes and, or yes later, or yes if…

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