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Welcome to the free ebooks section of our site. These free ebooks are designed to provide you with an additional medium for job-embedded professional development support for teachers. You can view the web version of any of the following ebooks, or you are welcome to download them for personal and professional use.

If you would like to see an ebook on a specific topic, feel free to leave us feedback.

We hope you enjoy these resources.

Free eBooks:



LumiBook is a dynamic e-reading platform that stays current with automatic author updates, community participation, and rich text. Because LumiBook remains part of an online cloud, LumiBook surpasses the static information of any other e-reading experience by always providing the latest information without the need to buy updated editions and by hosting peers who form a highly focused learning community. 

LumiBook learning grows as more and more users become part of the LumiBook community, breathing life into the learning experience. This resource couples expert research with the principles of professional learning communities, giving you access to your peers’ thoughts, reflections, and learning throughout the book. Revisit LumiBook chapters again and again as more users contribute and build upon past learning.


Mapping to the Core by Heidi Hayes Jacobs
Mapping to the Core: LivePlanner by Heidi Hayes Jacobs, Marie Alcock, Ann Johnson, and Debbie Sullivan
Global Education Study: Six Drivers to Student Success by Battelle for Kids
InTASC Model Core Teaching Standards, authored by Irving Richardson of CCSSO
Core Learning: Assessing What Matters Most by Jay McTighe
A Professional Learning Pathway to Common Core Success by Lisa Leith
Learning 360 FrameworkParticipant's Guide