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The School Improvement Network now offers the Insight Duo—the latest, most cost-effective in-class camera in education.

Teachers can now capture high-quality video with one touch. The Insight Duo is not only very accessible, but teachers can feel safe that the files will not be released without their discretion. This innovative camera is connected to the Internet, you and can upload these files with a click of a mouse. Capturing classroom teaching has never been easier.

The Insight Duo camera is fully integrated with the Educator Effectiveness System to give every educator the means to turn a simple classroom observation into an unparalleled learning experience:

ThereNow Camera

Key Features

How it Works

  1. Teacher inserts his or her personal recording key.
  2. Camera records two video streams and three audio tracks.
  3. Camera combines and secures videos.
  4. Camera uploads video to teacher's thereNow account.


ThereNow Camera

Camera Casing



All video captured with the Insight DUO is uploaded to a user's thereNow account. The two videos are merged into one streaming file that plays back in the thereNow web application.


Recording Key

Each person who records video with the Insight DUO does so by inserting a thereNow recording key that is synced with their thereNow account.




Internet Connectivity

ThereNow Camera Video captured with the Insight Duo camera is uploaded by connecting the camera to an active Internet connection (via ethernet). As long as the camera can connect to the Internet, it will automatically upload its video.


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