My Portfolio

New to PD 360 v5.5, My Portfolio is a ground-breaking function within PD 360 that gives educators the opportunity to create, share, and implement personalized professional learning plans. Teachers and administrators alike have the ability to create professional learning plans and share them with anyone in their network across departments, schools, and the entire district. My Portfolio’s reporting function makes follow-up and accountability simple and easy, giving you the power to turn goals into accomplishments.

My Portfolio Functions:

  1. Create your own professional learning plan
  2. User level and school/district level plan creation tools
  3. Showcase the professional learning elements that you have completed
  4. Generates reports of your plan and what has been completed

My Portfolio also makes reporting, searching, and synchronizing easier than ever before. As you and educators in your group make progress in the professional learning plan, users can search specific activities throughout PD 360 and synchronize them to instructional leaders’ accounts:

  1. Videos watched
  2. Observations completed
  3. Courses completed
  4. Journal notes
  5. Files/resources you have uploaded in groups and forums
  6. Upload lesson plans or student work documents
  7. Journal entries

Download PDF reports, email updates to your teachers or to your director, or simply follow up through the PD 360 platform. Use My Portfolio to update, plan, and expand your professional learning goals. My Portfolio is available to every educator with a PD 360 license at no extra charge. You are education’s greatest hope, and we build every tool to support the vital work that you do.

You can do it all, and you can do it on My Portfolio.

If you have any questions about how My Portfolio with PD 360 can meet the needs of your district, contact a professional development advisor (PDA) today to request a free, no-obligation demonstration of My Portfolio with PD 360. We’d love to answer your questions about our company, our approach to education, and our partnerships that are giving educators unprecedented support.

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