Workflow Process Templates

How Workflow Process Management Makes Your Observations More Effective

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Workflow Process Management is a simple, easy-to-use tool that helps you map out a clear, step-by-step path toward teacher effectiveness.  Your process includes daily activities that relate directly to observations, school and district professional development goals, and even personalized professional development and growth plans (PDP/PGP).

Workflow process management wraps all of your essential functions of teacher effectiveness into an integrated process that you can track, adjust, and improve for individual needs.

How It Works

A workflow process organizes a series of activities to take place in an ordered sequence. There are three elements in the workflow process management function:

These three elements of the Workflow Process Management tool help you keep all elements of the year-round process organized and accessible at all times.

Getting Started

School Improvement Network is partnered with you every step of the way. Our specialists work with you one-on-one to tailor a process that is scaled to your needs. You always have an advocate at School Improvement Network to make sure that your state or district has everything it needs to help every teacher and leader become more effective.

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