Prescriptive Technology

Why Classroom Walkthroughs Need Prescriptive Technology

With classroom walkthroughs and classroom observations, instructional leaders have the opportunity to give teachers excellent points to consider as teachers improve their methods and strategies. However, instructional leaders meet challenges surrounding efficiency, reporting, follow-up, and accountability on a daily basis. Mobile applications help solve issues involving paper, but the only essential difference between pen-and-paper solutions and mobile technology is the lack of a pen and a piece of paper.Prescriptive Technology

The Role of Prescriptive Technology

Mobile devices provide helpful graphs and templates, but without prescriptive technology that gives teachers both what areas need improvements and how to improve them, the software does not serve a teacher better than a well-planned paper form.

Prescriptive technology in a classroom walkthrough gives an instructional leader the capacity to pinpoint a teacher’s greatest challenges and provide relevant, effective training. This technology also provides a teacher with something he or she has never before had: immediate and unique answers to highly specific questions.

How Prescriptive Technology Works

Observation 360’s prescriptive technology functions through its seamless integration with PD 360’s library of over 1,800 videos. Instructional leaders select up to 3 videos that pertain to each question on a customizable classroom walkthrough template, and Observation 360 will automatically assign videos related to the items with which a teacher struggles. Using an iPad or other mobile device you can recieve the feedback and instruction right away.

With prescriptive technology, the graphs, charts, and reporting in classroom walkthrough tools become effective and are better able to fulfill their purpose, because a teacher can now apply the information to relevant training.

Effective Classroom Walkthroughs

With Observation 360’s prescriptive technology, classroom walkthroughs now provide teachers with detailed responses and relevant training. In addition to graphs, customizable templates, and prescriptive technology, Observation 360 provides for automatic reporting and facilitated follow-up and accountability. This prescribed professional learning allows educators to improve teaching skills in specific areas of deficiency. Using Observation 360, we are able to align best practice videos to an individual teacher’s challenges.

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