PD 360 Integration

Effective Classroom Walkthroughs Require Relevant Training

Above all else, effective classroom walkthroughs require one essential element: relevant training.

Unfortunately, follow-up, communication, and accountability—three elements that teachers find requisite for classroom walkthroughs—also prove to be the most difficult to effect. Without proper means of reporting and training, a classroom walkthrough fails to serve its purpose.

As administrators spoke to us about their needs for better classroom walkthroughs and observations, they told us that they need a way to give immediate training and follow-up to their teachers. They need automatic reporting. One of the largest requests was to provide real classroom examples of best practices.

PD 360 Integration

Educators across the country and throughout every district require integration with professional development training in order to facilitate a teacher’s responsibility to turn feedback into measurable improvement. PD 360 is an on-demand professional development platform, and it is the only platform integrated with classroom observation software.

How It Works

As you prepare for the classroom observation, you will find on your iPad templates—preloaded as well as customized—and you choose the school and teacher with a few taps on the interface. Each question on the walkthrough template is accompanied by three PD 360 videos associated with the topic.

When you walk into the classroom to begin the observation, you can choose simple “Yes/No” answers or enter comments along with each question as the lesson progresses. If you are using a customized template, you can use your iPad to choose which videos you would like to associate with each question, or you can prepare the template on your computer beforehand.

Sending the classroom observation results to the teacher is as easy as tapping on the “upload” icon at the top of the screen. The results will automatically appear in his or her PD 360 account under the “Focus” tab along with your comments and video. You and the teacher can comment on each of the questions so that the teacher can clarify and receive greater detail.

You also have the opportunity to set a due date for the observation, making follow-up and training easier for both you and the teacher being observed.

Receive a Free Demonstration

If you have any questions about how Observation 360 can meet the needs of your district, contact a professional development advisor (PDA) today to request a free, no-obligation demonstration of Observation 360 with PD 360. We’d love to answer your questions about our company, our approach to education, and our partnerships that are giving educators unprecedented support.

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