Facilitated Reporting

Finding Facilitated Reporting Methods

Administrators and instructional leaders all express the same frustrations with classroom walkthroughs: they need an efficient method to communicate the walkthrough to the teacher, and they need and effective manner to follow up on that teacher’s professional development efforts as a result of the observation. Facilitated reporting is even difficult to find in many mobile observation applications, because there is not a common platform on which to collaborate.

Our partners explained their concerns, and we created a classroom observation tool that answered their concerns while providing continued support. Observation 360 is able to give you facilitated reporting by providing a professional development platform on which to collaborate with every teacher in your district and review their professional development.

Classroom Walkthrough Reporting Platform

Observation 360 is hosted on the PD 360 platform, giving you the ability to provide your teacher with on-demand training, feedback, and an online professional learning community (PLC) with over 822,000 verified educators. With PD 360, you have a common platform on which to send private observations and easily follow up on a teacher’s professional development.

Reporting and Professional Development

The professional development that you are able to provide teachers within each observation comes from the first PD platform to provide real classroom examples of best practices. PD 360’s ground-breaking training methods give your teachers access to real examples of how to implement initiatives and real teachers modeling the type of teaching for which they are striving.

Your teachers also have access to 120 experts, the widest array of professionals available on-demand. As a result of your detailed observation, teachers now receive your experienced feedback followed closely by training from education’s best-known experts on PD 360. These experts explain the theory and principles behind successful strategies in videos complemented with real classroom examples of best practices.               

Receive a Free Demonstration

If you have any questions about how Observation 360 can meet the needs of your district, contact a professional development advisor (PDA) today to request a free, no-obligation demonstration of Observation 360 with PD 360. We’d love to answer your questions about our company, our approach to education, and our partnerships that are giving educators unprecedented support.

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