Coaching and Accountability

Coaching through Classroom Walkthroughs

Peer coaching through classroom walkthroughs creates an atmosphere for specific training and directed learning. As peer coaches and instructional leaders employ the useful features of PD 360 with Observation 360, they are able to provide real classroom examples of best practices. Teachers receiving directed peer coaching are able to return to the examples of best practices as often as needed while collaborating with an online professional learning group to access more instruction, mentoring, and answers to specific questions.

Increased Accountability for Measured Improvement

Contrary to popular belief, accountability and reporting is not simply a way to oversee a teacher’s progress. In order to successfully implement improvements delineated in classroom observations, teachers need improved accountability tools for their own goals.

PD 360 with Observation 360 gives teachers and peer coaches alike the ability to resolve challenges surrounding reporting, accountability, and goal-setting by providing them with My Portfolio, automatic emails and metrics, and group collaboration features on PD 360:

Goal setting is simplified with My Portfolio under the “Focus” tab on PD 360. With My Portfolio, peer coaches and instructional leaders create and upload professional development plans for a department, school, or district, giving teachers a clear map of the goals toward which they and their peers are working. With My Portfolio, teachers and peer coaches are able to take control of their professional development initiatives and use the features of PD 360 with Observation 360 to their benefit.

Reporting and accountability become highly beneficial to both teachers and instructional leaders with the features they have requested in My Portfolio. Teachers then have the ability to add their personal plans, track their own progress, and easily report their continued progress with a few clicks of the mouse. Peer coaches and leaders are able to follow up with their teachers on progress, questions, and observations through PD 360 in a way that is non-obtrusive and respectful of teachers’ work.

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