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Transform every observation into a powerful learning experience

Edivate Observe is a comprehensive observation resource that makes it easier for administrators to conduct meaningful observations that encourage teacher growth and effectiveness.

Edivate Observe gives you the resources you need to easily prescribe professional development that aligns observed behavior with desired outcomes.

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Edivate Observe

With Edivate Observe, you can:

Create observations that meet framework requirements with customizable templates
Manage observation and meeting schedules across all participants
Support findings with evidence of observed behavior
Foster growth by prescribing professional development

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Edivate Observe

Make every observation more powerful

With Edivate Observe, observations move beyond compliance. By matching specific, recommended PD resources to observed behavior, observations provide useful guidance and give teachers what they need to grow—anytime, anywhere.


Personalize professional learning by recommending specific PD based on observation data

• Foster growth by prescribing specific professional learning that aligns observed behavior with desired outcomes. With Edivate Observe, you can assign PD on the fly or from a list of recommended options.

Easily comply with state and district requirements

Edivate Observe makes demonstrating compliance with state or district requirements easy through a variety of commonly used, predefined reports.

Use specific examples of classroom practice to drive teacher growth goals

The integrated Evidence functionality lets you capture specific, detailed examples of behavior seen during an observation and share those examples with teachers to establish targeted and meaningful development goals.

Access PD any time, anywhere

Because Edivate is an online resource, your teachers can access their
learning any time, anywhere—making it easier to fit PD into their busy schedules.

Manage observation and meeting schedules from one centralized location

Create and track observations and meetings for an overall view of all scheduled, in progress, and completed events.

Adaptable to any professional learning or observation requirements

Edivate Observe comes with features that provide powerful flexibility to meet any school’s professional learning and observation requirements.
• Versatile observation types
• Adaptable to any framework
• Rubric flexibility


Turn observations into transformative learning experiences

The Teacher Effectiveness Framework (TEF) is a comprehensive evaluation framework that includes a set of quality indicators aligned to the InTASC Model Core Teaching Standards—the de facto teacher development standard at many of the best teaching colleges and universities around the US.

TEF gives you the observation rubrics and coaching support you need to improve teacher practice and raise student achievement. And because TEF is integrated into the suite’s digital platform, it’s simpler to use than traditional frameworks, provides better tracking, and drives teacher effectiveness.

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Now you can get all your observers on the same page

Calibration & Certification Engine (CCE) is an observer calibration solution that gets all your observers 
on the same page, significantly reducing inconsistencies that can occur with multiple observers and making observations more consistent and fair.

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Help all your observers learn how to conduct effective observations

Inter-Rater Reliability (IR2) is a training course that allows leaders to establish a basic level of competence among all observers. With IR2, your observers not only learn how to conduct better observations, but how they can use those observations to improve educator effectiveness and promote higher student achievement.

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InTASC Model Core Teaching Standards by Irving Richardson of CCSSO

The definitive guide to maximizing your impact with TEF

This LumiBook is the perfect companion piece to guide you through the Teacher Effectiveness Framework and help you maximize its impact in your classrooms.

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The InTASC LumiBook comes with dozens of resources that will help you and your teachers utilize the InTASC standards and progressions in the classroom, including:

Video clips of teacher performance aligned to the InTASC standard
A Learning Progression Tool to assess where current practice lands on the skills spectrum and to define steps for continuous improvement
A platform for sharing strategies on implementing these standards

“Observe easily supports classroom improvement and is a trigger for better communication between administrators and teachers… The ability to have instant communication between teacher and administrator enhances and streamlines the evaluation process significantly.”

—Mark Faroni, Principal,
Dixon Elementary School, Montana

Edivate is research proven to elevate schools

When teachers use Edivate for as little as 10 minutes a week, it makes a significant impact on student achievement—and on schools as a whole.

*Research based on peer-to-peer comparison.

Higher student achievement growth*

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