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Do more than just read. Become part of the story.

One cloud book, hundreds of ways to experience learning.

LumiBook™ is an interactive cloud book platform that illuminates learning with a wide variety of resources including text, video, audio files, resource links, file sharing, social media interaction, and more—all made possible by cloud technology.


What comes with LumiBook?

Expanded rich media

  • Multimedia learning experiences with text, video, images, audio, and slideshows
  • File upload and download capability for bringing other voices into the conversation
  • Embedded outbound links, bringing the power of the entire web to the reading experience

The most important authors and topics

  • Cloud books from the most prominent authors in education, including Heidi Hayes Jacobs, Jay McTighe, Rick Smith, and many more
  • Cloud books that cover the most relevant topics—from Common Core implementation and assessments to teacher evaluation and classroom management
  • An ever-expanding library of topics and experts

Enhanced collaboration tools

  • Resources for collaborating with other readers and even the author about what you’ve read and learned
  • Tools for sharing LumiBook content with others over the web and making your notes available for viewing and commentary
  • A polling feature that collects a snapshot of
    readers’ perspectives

Automatic updates

  • Updates of new content that appear automatically, offering access to newer editions of the LumiBook

Harness the power of an online ecosystem

Crowdsourced content

Crowdsourced reader knowledge in discussion forums throughout the text.


Leave comments, thoughts, critiques, and new ideas right alongside the text. Read and respond to the comments of your fellow readers and even the author.

My work

Upload and store examples of your work as part of your professional development goals. You can make these public or keep them private.

File downloads

Download any worksheets, documents, or other files provided by the author for your personal use.


View real-time feedback on specific questions gathered by the author.


Share a section of LumiBook via email, internal Edivate messages, or social media.

lumibook graphic


Reflect on what you learned by taking notes that can be saved right alongside the LumiBook text. Keep your thoughts private or make them public and share them with other readers.


View images from the author, including graphs and charts that visually enhance your reading and further develop the ideas in the book.


Watch author-developed videos as well as Edivate videos embedded in the text.


Share a collection of images, slideshows, and other types of presentations to further illustrate the important aspects of the text.


Listen to audio clips from the author that guide you through your reading experience.

How LumiBook helps administrators

Less effort and time spent organizing professional development activity

LumiBook is more than just a book, a conference, or a PLC. It combines many professional learning activities into one experience, so instead of organizing multiple exercises for teachers, you only need to schedule one activity— time spent in a LumiBook.Expanded rich media.

Higher teacher engagement

With the ability to watch videos, converse with the author and fellow readers, listen to audio, and much more, LumiBook readers are far more engaged in professional learning than teachers who read only traditional texts.

Less money spent on professional development

Because authors can automatically update their LumiBooks with new material, readers can often get for free the content they would otherwise have to pay for in a second edition—potentially saving you thousands of dollars every year.

How LumiBook helps teachers

More to learn from your professional development

LumiBook is the most multifaceted PD resource available, with something for every type of learner, including audio, visual, textual, and user-generated content—maximizing learning for hundreds or even thousands of teachers at once.

A truly personalized professional development experience

Interactions in LumiBook can be customized to readers’ interests and needs, giving them the ability to engage with the content in the manner that suits them and to get answers to their own unique questions from other readers as well as the author.

More collaboration for more help and faster improvement

With thousands of readers collaborating in the pages of every LumiBook, your teachers won’t just be reading an ebook—they’ll be joining a deep PLC comprised of other teachers who can help them resolve issues and challenges and improve their practice.


Now available in the LumiBook store

Give your students vital 21st century learning skills

Teach children to thrive in the age of information overload with Growing Thinking Students in Thinking Schools by David Hyerle

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Check out these titles from the leading experts in education:

David Hyerle
Growing Thinking Students in Thinking Schools

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Rick Smith & Grace Dearborn
Conscious Classroom Management

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Lisa Leith
A Professional Learning Pathway
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Learning 360 Framework
Participant’s Guide

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Jay McTighe
Core Learning: Assessing What
Matters Most

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Heidi Hayes Jacobs
Mapping To The Core

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InTasc Model Core Teaching Standards

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Global Education Study

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“LumiBook expands and deepens the reading experience
like no other format. It is a live-read.
Immediate, connected, interactive, and media-rich.”

— Heidi Hayes Jacobs, Curriculum 21


Bring the power of the web to your LumiBook


Audio clips from the author will guide you through your reading experience. Learn directly from the author as you listen.


Experience author developed videos as well as Edivate videos embedded in the LumiBook’s text.


The author can gather real-time data on specific questions and then share that data with readers.


The author can share a collection of images, slideshows, and other types of presentations to further illustrate the important aspects of the text.


View images from the author, including graphs, charts, and more that visually enhance your reading and support the ideas in the book.


Reflect on what you learned by taking notes that can be saved right alongside the LumiBook text. Keep your thoughts private or make them public and share them with other readers.


Share a section of LumiBook via email, internal PD 360 message, or social media. This creates an exciting resource that you can share with your colleagues.


You can bookmark a section, helping you quickly refer to it throughout your reading experience.


Start a discussion or join a conversation on a specific section of the LumiBook text.

File Downloads

Download any worksheets, documents, or other files provided by the author for your personal use.

My Work

You can upload and store examples of your work as part of your professional development goals. You can make these public or keep them private.

Table of Contents

LumiBook provides quick navigation through the Table of Contents feature. Go quickly to a new section or scan the text at your leisure.

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