Do more than just read. Become part of the story.

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The Traditional eBook Is Dead.
Long Live LumiBook.

The traditional ebook is handy, but is it really very different than the paperback on your shelf? LumiBook is the next step in the evolution of the ebook—an online reading platform that lets you become part of the book—developing ideas along with fellow readers and the author that just might become the book's newest chapters.

"LumiBook expands and deepens the reading experience like no other format. It is a live-read. Immediate, connected, interactive, and media-rich."
— Heidi Hayes Jacobs, Curriculum 21

The best thing in books
since Gutenberg


LumiBook is text-based like any other book. But that text is enhanced with digital features such as audio and video clips, surveys, slideshows, images, notes, web links, and other tools that greatly enrich the experience.

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Once you've read a passage, jump into a conversation about the text with the author and other readers. Questions about what you've read? Ask them. New perspectives on the content? Share them. The book club will never be the same.


With LumiBook, you and other readers have the opportunity to post your thoughts to the author, who can answer back and use your ideas to create new or revised content. New editions are published online and will appear instantly in your LumiBook.

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