Important Observation 360 Updates

We have recently released a new version of Observation 360. This new version has a host of world-class features that you and your peers have requested, and we’re very excited about its ability to support you.

Support Documents:


Need Support Now? Call 1-800-572-1153.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us by email at or call us 

Mobile Device Help

To make sure your Observation 360 is functioning at full capacity, follow these five steps:

PD 360 Mobile App
1. Install

1. INSTALL the new "PD 360 Mobile" app on your device.
    Download for Apple Devices or  Android Devices.

OLD Observation 360 App
2. Delete
2. Please DELETE the old "Observation 360" application on all devices in your school, district, or state. Data will not be lost and your login credentials will remain the same.

Updates image
3. Update
3. If you have already downloaded PD 360 Mobile, please UPDATE the app on your  device.

4. Remind
4. REMIND your administrators to apply updates as they become available.

5. Verify
5. VERIFY that your building’s wireless connection functions properly. Check with your IT personnel. 


Mobile Update - September 27, 2012

Features  of the new version of Observation 360 and the PD 360 Mobile App include the following:

This combined mobile app gives you a seamless user interface with all mobile resources from School Improvement Network.