Substantial research shows that effective professional development has a measurable positive effect on student achievement. Teachers who engage regularly in their own learning are better able to help their students succeed. 

The U.S. Department of Education explains that the phrase “job-embedded” “connotes a direct connection between a teacher’s work in the classroom and the professional development the teacher receives.”

Job-embedded professional development, when conducted correctly, is more effective than traditional PD because it better addresses the needs of adult learners. Specifically, job-embedded professional development is defined by: a learn-try-evaluate cycle that repeats over time, active teacher involvement, and immediate implementation. Job-embedded professional learning is more effective than traditional PD because educators work on concepts or initiatives more than once. They have a chance to learn, try it in their own classrooms, and then evaluate their performance. This learning-try-evaluate cycle is what makes job-embedded PD so powerful.
To learn more about job-embedded professional development, watch the following PD 360 video segment (Definition of Job-embedded PD). Use your PD 360 login and password to access the segment. If you do not have a login, you can follow the same link for access.

Watch PD 360 Video Segment

Watch PD 360 Video Segment



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