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School Improvement Network's Educator Effectiveness System prepares all educators to get 100% of students college and career ready.

The Educator Effectiveness System gives leaders the tools and resources they need to stimulate dramatic improvement in their schools by providing personalized learning opportunities to administrators and teachers that help them become increasingly effective, all delivered on a scalable, on-demand learning platform.

The ultimate measure of educator effectiveness is each student being prepared for college and a career. But for even the best educators, success in the classroom is not a light switch waiting to be turned on. Educator effectiveness and college and career readiness are achieved through a process that demands preparation, the dedication of day-to-day work, and constant self-examination and improvement.

School Improvement Network has spent over two decades researching this process, documenting how the highest performing schools in North America have helped their students reach college and career readiness. The results of this research have culminated in a systematic approach to developing effective teachers, and it is called the Educator Effectiveness System. This system is proven to help educators get 100% of students college and career ready.
The Educator Effectiveness System by School Improvement Network compiles essential learning elements into a systematic educator effectiveness framework that encompasses every facet of education:

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  1. Goals & Objectives
    • Administrators and principals decide what goals they need to meet and what objectives will help their students learn.
  2. Process & Workflow Management
    • The goals and objectives will go straight into process templates and observation templates where administrators can gather data on teachers and students.
  3. Systemic Professional Development
    • The entire district will follow a united professional development plan that can be personalized for individual circumstances.
  4. Observations & Evaluations
    • Administrators can gather an extensive number of data points to help personalize professional development and follow teachers’ progress.
  5. Personalized Professional Learning
    • The data gathered from observations and evaluations help an instructional leader to prescribe training that an educator can then personalize for an effective learning experience.
  6. Progress & Evidence
    • The data, evaluations, and professional development help administrators see the progress and evidence of teacher effectiveness as they continue to move toward 100% college and career readiness.

    Integral to accomplishing this systematic approach to educator effectiveness are the following tools from School Improvement Network:

    • PD 360 is the first and largest on-demand professional development suite, including an ever-expanding library of over 3,500 videos on 125 topics. The PD application of the Educator Effectiveness System delivers the most differentiated and personalized learning experience available online. Using classroom examples of known best practices by master teachers, the PD 360 videos turn theory into practice.
    • Common Core 360, the teaching standards component of the Educator Effectiveness System, is the leading Common Core resource for understanding and implementing the state standards with fidelity.
    • Observation 360 helps administrators turn a simple evaluation into a multi-measure data collection point with prescriptive, personalized training that focuses on helping teachers become more effective with every observation and evaluation.
    • PD 360 Community is an educators-only professional learning community that enhances personalized learning, teacher retention, creating common language and enhancing job satisfaction. Over 1,000,000 verified educators make this a robust and powerful learning community.
    • Focus Objective Folders help educators to create and maintain a clear focus on specific learning goals and objectives throughout their school, district, and state.
    • My Portfolio gives educators control over their own growth and professional development by integrating professional development planning and goals into the Educator Effectiveness System 
    • Administration Tools are built for managing and reporting on individual, site or district learning activity and progression. The administration tools offer the accountability and transparency that effective leaders are looking for to transform their schools.
    The design, purpose, and results of the components of the Educator Effectiveness System have been repeatedly proven in schools of all types (urban, suburban, and rural) throughout North America—teachers can help all students become college and career ready. The Educator Effectiveness System supports teachers as they make 100% happen.
    You are invited to receive a free, no-obligation trial to the Educator Effectiveness System by School Improvement Network. A professional development advisor is also available to provide a hands-on demonstration of the functionality and customization that supports your work as a mentor, as an educator, and as a friend. Fill out the form on this page or call a professional development advisor today at 800-572-1153.

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