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Congratulations on Choosing Edivate!

You are about to embark on a journey that will change the way you deliver professional development and support the unique needs of every teacher and staff member.

This page gives you quick access to everything you need to successfully implement Edivate so that it supports your vision and goals for professional development. Be sure to follow the steps provided so that you receive the full benefits that Edivate has to offer.

Jump aboard and get ready to take off on your Edivate journey!


Successful implementation of Edivate requires thoughtful planning and configuration of IT network settings. The resources below can help you get your Edivate implementation process up and running smoothly.

Additional Helpful Resources

  • Edivate Getting Started Guide: Step-by-step instructions on navigating Edivate, to help you and your staff get started
  • Technical Support is available when you have a question about Edivate
  • Edivate Implementation Group is a great resource for frequently asked questions on Edivate tools, including additional implementation resources. Forums will be used to facilitate implementation discussions and questions


Once you’ve downloaded the resources in Step 1, you’ll want to register for both of our “getting started” webinars.

In these webinars, our experts will show you how to effectively use Edivate to support educator effectiveness, guiding you through the process of choosing which Edivate tools to use and then showing you how to develop a plan for implementation.

Webinar #1: Edivate Tour: Ready, Set, Go Edivate

Join an Edivate Partner Success Manager (PSM) for a highly informative tour of the top five Edivate tools that districts use to support educator effectiveness. Implementation ideas for each tool will be shared. At the end of this webinar, you’ll be encouraged to select two to three tools that you’ll use for your implementation plan. You’ll then move on to the Edivate Implementation Planning webinar to put a plan together around your chosen Edivate tools.

Recorded Webinar

Ready, Set Go Edivate

Webinar #2: Edivate Implementation Planning

Join an Edivate PSM as we build on the Ready, Set, Go Edivate webinar by providing the next level of support for implementing Edivate. In this session, we’ll explore the essential components of a successful implementation and provide a framework for establishing your plan.

Edivate Tools Webinars

Join an Edivate PSM as we showcase specific Edivate tools. Each webinar will provide implementation ideas, best practices and a highly informative overview of the tool to support the implementation of Edivate.

Recorded Webinar

Edivate Tool: Focus Objectives
Edivate Tool: Portfolios



If you still need help after you’ve gone through Steps 1 and 2, you can set up a consultation with Implementation Services, they can provide more detailed support for your implementation questions.

Request a consultation with Implementation Services if you:
  • Have questions on how to use a tool to best engage with your district/building team
  • Are looking for best practices to create templates, data gathering needs, layout questions, rubrics that need summative or average scoring, establishing template access rights
  • Are looking for best practices to use various tools within the system to encourage improved educator effectiveness
  • Want to know which Edivate tool can best support current initiatives in your district/building
  • Need help establishing reporting needs

You can set up consultation by: