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Edivate is now easier to use,
more personalized, and
more powerful than ever.

New enhancements make Edivate more personalized and more powerful than ever—truly the most powerful PD platform today.

Edivate Micro-credentials:
Effective, Competency-Based Professional Learning

Edivate Micro-credentials are a great way for educators to get recognition for the skills they develop through professional development and learning activity. They’re also an easy way for leaders to be sure their educators have the skills needed to achieve school and district goals.

Competency-based Professional Development

Micro-credentials support teacher growth by providing educators with targeted, highly specific skills to achieve competency or receive recognition for the competency they’ve already achieved.


Teaching competencies can be broken out into much more manageable and relevant chunks to support the relevance of professional development for each teacher.


Teachers no longer have to participate in trainings or professional development content that is not relevant to them or their practice, or that they’ve already achieved mastery of.


Personalized Professional Development

Edivate Micro-credentials allow educators who have not already achieved mastery of a concept to participate in learning activities designed to advance their knowledge. By being able to participate in some or all of the activities, educators can personalize their professional learning. 


Using the Edivate micro-credential system allows instructional leaders to provide multiple options for teachers to choose from that are targeted to meet their needs.


Flexible learning pathways allow teachers to choose from learning activities that are relevant to them and their learning styles.

Incentivized Professional Development

“Gamification” strategies embed micro-credentials throughout the Edivate platform and provide incentive for educators to participate in further professional learning.


By providing educators with visual indicators of progress and mastery, Edivate micro-credentials provide system-embedded motivation for educators to participate in more professional learning.


By being able to track their own progress toward achieving mastery of various skills, teachers are more motivated to complete professional learning on their own time and in areas of interest to them.


User Rights Management Tools

The User Rights Management tools have been enhanced to create a seamless, automated, onboarding and maintenance process for user accounts.


With a minimal amount of setup, you’ll be able to easily create a way for your users to click a button within their district portal that will automatically log them into Edivate.

No more extra logins or additional passwords. By logging into one system, which they already use daily, users will have direct access to their Edivate account.


Saves you time. Using the SSO SAML integration tool, when a user clicks a link to go to Edivate, an account will automatically be created for them if one does not already exist.

Additionally, with the SSO SAML integration tool, any changes made to a user’s account in your Active Directory will automatically be updated within Edivate when a user clicks a link to go to Edivate.

Setting up users has never been easier with this “just-in-time” provisioning. All a user needs to do is click on a link to Edivate and they will be granted access whether they have an account or not.

No more need to contact School Improvement Network Support to update users. User accounts will always be updated whenever they use an SSO link to get into Edivate.


Once you submit a formatted import list to our services department, the information will be uploaded, then checked and processed automatically when server resources are available.

Simpler onboarding. This new process significantly speeds up the user onboarding process.


With a minimal amount of setup, you can use a utility that connects with your LDAP to automatically generate and upload a formatted user import list to the Edivate server. Also, our LDAP utility can be set to automatically generate and upload user import lists at set intervals: daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly.

Saves you time. No more spending precious time creating and formatting user import lists for School Improvement Network support to upload.

No more need to contact School Improvement Network support to update users. Once the LDAP utility is set up, user accounts will be kept up-to-date with no additional effort.

Edivate Observe

Edivate Observe has been enhanced in several ways to make the nuts and bolts of observation easier and more effective than ever.

Rich Text Support

Templates now support rich text, allowing you to create items in templates with bold, italics, underline and list formatting.

Easy-to-read instructionsWith enhanced formatting features, observation instructions and choices are clearer and easier for users to understand, saving them time and reducing the likelihood of error.

Email Notifications

Edivate Observe sends email notifications to users when a meeting or observation is scheduled. The event scheduler can also choose to not send a notification if the event is intended to be a drop-in or surprise visit.

Convenient event alertsUsers are alerted to events that require their participation without having to log into the system.

Send Feedback

The Send Feedback feature facilitates and tracks conversations between Observer and Observee on a completed observation. Additionally, either party can share files with the other as part of the conversation.

Improved communicationEnhanced feedback features provide an easy and official way of communicating questions, clarifications, concerns, and evidence.

Preview PD

Users can now review information about PD before attaching it to a Template or Observation. The video length, description, and link to the video are conveniently available in the same location that PD is assigned.

See exactly what you assignObservers can review PD prior to assigning it to an observee, ensuring that the assigned materials are appropriate for the intended purpose.

iOS Support

The Edivate Observe App for iOS has been specifically designed to provide access to only the features needed for performing an observation.

Simplified mobile experienceThe enhanced Observe App for iOS makes accessing needed observation features on your phone or tablet simple and straightforward.

Results by Template Report

The Results by Template Report displays a distribution of results for all observation- and section-level scoring proficiencies for a given template.

Easily assess progressWith the enhanced Results by Template Report you can easily determine end-of-year summative scores for observations and sections and use individual proficiency results to inform of coaching opportunities.

Offline-to-Online Syncing

The Edivate Observe App for iOS stores all data locally on the device, and sends data to the cloud whenever there is Internet access. If you lose Internet access in the middle of an observation, your data is safely stored until Internet access is resumed.

Safe storage of all your dataThe enhanced Observe App for iOS, allows you to safely record all of your findings in any classroom—even when there is no Internet access.

Self Observations

Observees can formally record their observations about their own skills and proficiencies and submit them to administrators as part of their overall observation process.

Productive self-evaluationAllows observees to assess their own skills, providing a foundation for further development conversations with district or school administrators.

Edivate Dashboard

Edivate Dashboard has been enhanced in a number of ways that make navigating in Edivate simpler and faster than ever.

An improved “above the fold” design.

The redesigned dashboard has a fresh look and feel, with more items moved “above the fold” for better visibility and quick access.

Makes using Edivate simpler and easier, saving educators’ valuable time. This “above the fold” design puts key Edivate content at educators’ fingertips, giving them quick and easy access to the most commonly used Edivate resources. With important information front and center, getting to the most important areas of Edivate is just a click away.


Enhanced automatic PD recommendations.

The user controls the order the dashboard cards appear to fit their personal needs and can hide the cards they don’t care to see.

Takes the guesswork out of PD. The enhanced dashboard makes finding relevant, personalized PD easier than ever by suggesting specific information about next steps, resources that may be of particular interest, and highlighting new information and resources.

A personalized dashboard.

Enhancements now enable users to personalize their dashboard by controlling the order in which the dashboard cards appear. They can also hide the cards they don’t care to see.

Saves time by keeping the most relevant resources at your fingertipsEnhanced customization offers flexibility at your fingertips. Users can easily organize their dashboard with the most relevant content, quickly accessing the tasks that need attention.


Quick start guide for new users.

A simple, fast tutorial helps new users quickly learn how to navigate their page.

Step-by-step instructions make navigating faster and easier than everWith a minimum of training new users can quickly and easily be off and running.

Edivate Library

The new Edivate Library is an improved experience that provides users with the best content available. The enhanced Library provides an intuitive and unified searching and filtering experience, enabling users to quickly find what they’re looking for.

All your PD resources in one location.

The enhanced Edivate Library is a single, central location where all your teachers can find an extensive variety of valuable professional development resources, including videos, community forums, and groups. With all resources in one place, educators can quickly and easily access the PD they want to share with others or to improve their own classroom practice.

Quick and easy access to PDWith all resources in one place, educators can easily and quickly find relevant and personalized PD to assign or to improve their own classroom practice.

Saves time. Finding and sharing relevant and personalized PD is easier and faster than ever. When it’s easy to find exactly what they need, teachers can self-guide their PD, saving you the time of having to manage them.

Makes you a better instructional leader. Having relevant and personalized PD at your fingertips helps you assign precisely the resources that will drive growth in classroom practice and student achievement.

Helps you reach your big goals. Goals are reached when teachers have the most relevant resources that drive improvement. When it’s easy to find exactly what they need, teachers can self-guide and own PD more easily, increasing their growth.

Enhanced content filtering.

With enhanced filtering by subject, grade, topic, and resource type, users can broaden or narrow their search as desired, finding specific content quickly or discovering new content altogether. Also, when a user adds or removes a filter, the page immediately returns the modified results.

Helps you find content quickly. Users can easily find relevant and personalized PD that will drive growth in classroom practice and student achievement.


Intuitive visual information.

Each asset type has a unique color and symbol associated with it.

Saves time. User-friendly graphics allow educators to quickly skim through search results, identify which resource type they are looking at, and determine which content is most applicable to them.

Makes instructional leadership easier. Enhanced visuals make it easier to find relevant and personalized PD to assign, helping you identify precisely the resources that will drive growth in classroom practice and student achievement.


Content-specific suggestions.

The enhanced Library now recommends specific content based on what the user searches for and interacts with.

Saves time. When it’s easy to find exactly what they need teachers can self guide and own PD, saving you the time of having to manage them.

Helps you reach your big goals. Classroom practice is key to reaching most goals in education. When it’s easy to find exactly what they need, teachers can self-guide and own PD more easily, increasing their growth.