Glenn Singleton


Creating true equity in schools will bridge racial cultures and hasten the closure of the achievement gap. Creating true equity in schools is “Raising the achievement level of ALL students while narrowing the gap between the highest and lowest achieving student populations, and eliminating the racial predictability and disproportion of which student populations occupy the highest and lowest achievement categories.”

According to Glenn Singleton, co-author of Courageous Conversations About Race, the principles of creating equity in schools include:
•    Vision
•    Opportunity to learn standards
•    Efficacy
•    Experimentation such as through action research
•    Passion for learning and growing
•    Relationships of trust
•    Seeing school as a family
•    Implementing true accountability

To learn more about equity in schools, watch the following PD 360 video segment (Creating True Equity in Schools). Use your PD 360 login and password to access the segment. If you do not have a login, you can follow the same link for access.

Watch PD 360 Video Segment

Watch PD 360 Video Segment



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