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Heidi Hayes Jacobs

Dr. Heidi Hayes Jacobs, executive director of the Curriculum Mapping Institute and president of Curriculum Designers, Inc., is an internationally recognized expert in the fields of curriculum and instruction. Dr. Jacobs is the founder of Curriculum Designers, Inc., a company committed to helping educational systems implement integrated and more effective curriculum. She has served as an education consultant to schools nationally and internationally. She works with schools K-12 on issues and practices pertaining to: curriculum reform, instructional strategies to encourage critical thinking, and strategic planning. Dr. Jacobs is the author of many publications around curriculum mapping, as well as 21st century learning.  School Improvement Network is pleased to offer our first LiveBook authored by Dr. Jacobs, entitled Mapping to the Core.

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Harvey Silver

Dr. Harvey Silver, with Silver, Strong & Associates, is one of the creators of the Thoughtful Classroom Teacher Effectiveness Framework. The Framework is a comprehensive system for observing, evaluating, and refining classroom practice. Designed in partnership with over 250 teachers and administrators, the ultimate goal of the Framework is to create a common language for talking about high-quality teaching and how classroom practice can be improved. Aligned to the Common Core State Standards, the Framework makes the work of aligning teacher evaluation with the new standards easier than ever before. Best of all, the Framework is visually organized and fits on one page.

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Corwin is the premier publisher of professional learning resources that equip PreK–12 educators with innovative tools to improve teaching and learning.

Corwin resources are:

  • Authored by experts on the topics most relevant to you
  • Formatted for hands-on, practical guidance
  • Research based and peer reviewed for quality
  • Aligned to national standards
  • Suitable for professional learning settings and graduate courses in education
  • Delivered on multiple platforms, including digital products and on-site services

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Pacific Educational Group

In 1992, Pacific Educational Group, Inc. (PEG) was founded to closely support families in their transitions within and between K-12 and higher education. In 1996 the Palo Alto Chamber of Commerce recognized PEG as the "Best New Business." The company soon grew into its intended mission of addressing systemic issues of educational inequity by providing guidance to districts as to how to meet the needs of underserved students of color populations.

PEG's clear and compelling focus on eliminating racial disparities in education is outlined in the book entitled Courageous Conversations About Race: A Field Guide for Achieving Equity in Schools by Glenn E. Singleton and Curtis Linton. The work of the PEG consultants has been showcased on ABC's "Good Morning America" as well as cable access television. Numerous articles on the topic of equity, institutionalized racism, leadership and staff development written by PEG consultants have been published in national journals, magazines and newspapers.

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Conscious Teaching

Conscious Teaching's Rick Smith and Grace Dearborn have developed a classroom management e-learning course for K-12 teachers based on Rick's book "Conscious Classroom Management" using School Improvement Network's leading on-demand professional development site, PD 360. This interactive online learning course helps both new and veteran teachers become familiar with the invisible concepts and strategies that effective classroom managers use. These strategies will help teachers and their students achieve more in an environment consciously constructed to feel safe and foster learning.

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Autism Training Solutions

Autism Training Solutions is the online education company dedicated to training educators within the field of autism and related behavioral disabilities. Through unique partnerships with public schools, ATS is able to film real children, across the spectrum, receiving evidence-based interventions within the classroom.

After watching these interactive videos, educators can successfully -

  • Manage problem behavior
  • Teach new and positive behaviors
  • Improve communication skills
  • Increase academic performance
  • Improve social skills
  • Teach life skills
ATS' whole-school approach to training was designed to prepare special education teachers, general education teachers, autism specialists, behavior specialists, special education directors, speech and language therapists, and paraprofessionals.

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Battelle for Kids

Battelle for Kids

Battelle for Kids is a national, not-for-profit organization that provides strategic counsel and innovative solutions for today's complex educational-improvement challenges. Our mission-driven team of education, technology, communications and business professionals specializes in creating and implementing strategies that advance thedevelopment of human capital systems, the use of strategic measures, practices for improving educator effectiveness, and communication with all stakeholders. At the heart of this work is an unwavering focus on accelerating student growth.

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Industry Leadership


National Association of Elementary School Principals

Through its partnership with School Improvement, NAESP is able to provide its members with access to a monthly selection of topic-focused online learning resources.

As the only national association wholly dedicated to the needs and interests of principals in elementary and middle-level schools, NAESP's mission is to lead in the advocacy and support for its member principals and other education leaders in their commitment for all children. NAESP supports elementary and middle-level principals as the primary catalysts for creating a lasting foundation for learning, driving school and student performance, and shaping the long-term impact of school improvement efforts.

NAESP's long-range vision clearly defines the core work of principals and of the Association:

  • Leading education on behalf of children
  • Learning for continuous professional development
  • Fostering community in and around schools, across the country, and around the world.
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thereNow has been the leader in classroom cameras since 2004, offering an elite selection of cameras designed specifically to support quality video observation and research in classrooms. Coupled with thereNow's observation and feedback platform that automatically integrates with PD 360, thereNow cameras offer a complete solution for effective teacher coaching and mentoring, high-quality classroom video capture, self-reflection, and education research. School Improvement Network is proud to be the exclusive distributor of thereNow cameras and software for K-12 schools.

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Truenorthlogic is the leading provider of comprehensive human capital management systems to K-12 education agencies working to improve student achievement by increasing educator effectiveness. Truenorthlogic's K-12 Human Capital Management Platform unifies all the components that impact leader and teacher effectiveness to drive better educator quality, teacher retention, and student performance. Our unique partnership allows users to include PD 360 content among all of their professional development opportunities, to track teacher status on PD 360 content, and to automatically prescribe and single sign in to PD 360 content based on teacher evaluation results.

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The unique partnership between School Improvement Network and Agilix has produced an exciting K-12 student-centered learning app called Buzz®. Built on the Brainhoney Platform, Buzz is an environment where teachers and students can reach their highest potential with a robust repository of curriculum and PD resources, alignment to learning and teaching standards, action-oriented analytics, and automatic personalization. In addition to integration of Buzz with PD 360, School Improvement Network is proud to be a Buzz distributor.

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Performance Matters

Performance Matters provides a comprehensive assessment and data management platform that supports the information needs of today's teachers, school system leaders, and parents. Using Performance Matters, all stakeholders in the educational process have ready access to the information and resources they need to sustain student learning and effective instruction. Through integration with the PD 360 platform, educators can use Performance Matters' powerful reporting to review Observation 360 results and automatically identify and single sign in to relevant PD 360 content based on multiple measures of teacher effectiveness.

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MyLearningPlan®, Inc. is a learning organization with a 21-year focus and passion for serving the K-12 community. MyLearningPlan pioneered the Professional Development Management and Evaluation System (PDMS) concept and today their solutions are the recognized leaders in their realms. MyLeaningPlan's vision is to enhance student learning through instruction and leadership shaped by effective, ongoing, job-embedded professional learning and reflective practice. Through integration with PD 360, users can register for, single sign in to, and track completion status of PD 360 content directly from MyLearningPlan.

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Seattle Pacific University

Founded in 1891, Seattle Pacific is a comprehensive university for the liberal arts, sciences, and professions with full accreditation through the Northwest Association of Schools and Colleges. The School of Education at Seattle Pacific University is recognized throughout the region for the quality of its graduates. Accredited by NCATE and by the Washington State Board of Education, Seattle Pacific's undergraduate, master's, and doctoral level programs prepare educators of character and competence for service and leadership in schools and communities.

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Hamline University

Creativity and innovation in teaching and learning are the hallmark of Hamline University—home to nearly 4,900 undergraduate, graduate, and law students. At Hamline, students collaborate with professors invested in their success. They are challenged in and out of the classroom to create and apply knowledge in local and global contexts, while cultivating an ethic of civic responsibility, social justice, and inclusive leadership and service.

Hamline is the top-ranked and only "Great Schools, Great Prices" university of its class in Minnesota, according to U.S. News & World Report. Founded in 1854, Hamline also is Minnesota's first university and among the first coeducational institutions in the nation.

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