May 03, 2012

Professional Development Videos Provide Suicide Prevention Training

professional development videoA Series of Newly Released Professional Development Videos Provide Much Needed Suicide Prevention Training for Teachers

SALT LAKE CITY — May 3, 2012 —Professional development company School Improvement Network announced this week the release of a new series of  professional development videos for teachers, created from video footage of the Prevent Suicide Hawai’i conference.

The professional development video program will help educators identify warning signs of suicide before it occurs, outline available resources for help, and develop an increased understanding of those who survive suicide attempts or who suffer a loss as a result of suicide.

Suicide prevention is possible—it starts with meaningful conversation and continues with conferences such as Prevent Suicide Hawaii, to raise awareness.

The Prevent Suicide Hawai’i conference is a public partnership working in conjunction with the 13th Annual AFSP National "Survivors of Suicide Day." The purpose of this conference and the professional development video is to raise awareness that suicide is a community and public health issue, and that suicide prevention is possible. Fostering collaborative partnerships between agencies and local groups is a direct benefit of having survivors of suicide meet.

“The tragedy of suicide is all too common, especially among young people,” says Chet Linton, CEO of School Improvement Network. “We share the goals of Prevent Suicide Hawai’i, and are excited to make professional development videos of the conference available to the entire PD 360 community—hundreds of thousands of educators all over the world.”

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