January 27, 2012

Learn How to Increase Student Achievement

Join leading expert Jamie Almanzan as he outlines strategies for establishing equity in schools in a new school improvement network online professional development video.

online professional development

SALT LAKE CITY — Jan 31, 2012 —School Improvement Network announces the newest offering in its ever-growing library of online professional development videos for teachers. Join national author Curtis Linton as he interviews Jamie Almanzan, a coach with the non-profit National Equity Project, and one of the foremost experts on equity in K-12 schools. In a series of four online PD videos, Jamie shares what he has learned after years of working with principals and other educational leaders on the issue of racial and cultural equity.

“The series of interviews we’ve conducted with Jamie are powerful,” says Linton, “and absolutely indispensible for the educator struggling to make sure that all students, no matter what their backgrounds, succeed within the educational system. Jamie has helped turned schools all over the country around, and now he’s sharing the strategies that have made him successful with us.”

“As opposed to just delivering some equity-based content, or saying these are some books you might want to think about reading, this is more about equity in real time,” says Almanzan. “This is showing you what it looks like to actually take all the steps that are necessary to get all students succeeding at a school site.”

“Some of the traditional methods of establishing equity are failing,” adds Linton. “These online professional development videos will provide teachers and administrators with new approaches to solving old problems. We move beyond just marking all the requisites off of our checklists: yes we’ve accomplished our multicultural training, etc. We discuss proactive approaches that really work.”

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