January 24, 2013

See How a Rural Wyoming School District Closed the Achievement Gap and Increased Student Proficiency by 19 Percent

New Case Study Shows How Fremont County School District #1 Increased Student Proficiency by 19 Percent in Math and 13 Percent in Reading with School Improvement Network’s PD 360

SALT LAKE CITY—Jan. 24, 2013—School Improvement Network, the leader in teacher effectiveness resources for closing the achievement gap, announces today a new case study showing a Wyoming school district that closed the achievement gap and surpassed other districts in the state through School Improvement Network’s PD 360.

“PD 360 is an essential part of the Educator Effectiveness System, and a research-proven tool for increasing teacher effectiveness and student outcomes,” said School Improvement Network CEO and President Chet Linton. “Through documenting the best practices in education for 21 years in thousands of classrooms across the nation, we’ve created a resource that research shows over and over not only closes the achievement gap, but reverses it.”

Before they began using PD 360, Fremont County School District #1 (FCSD1) in rural Wyoming was on the bottom end of the achievement gap. The seven-school district had nearly 7 percent fewer students test advanced or proficient in math than other districts across the state. But while using PD 360 over the course of three years, FCSD1 jumped from 55 percent advanced or proficient in math to 74 percent, a 19 percent increase. During the same time, the other districts in the state rose less than two percent.

During the same time period using PD 360, FCSD1 saw 13 percent more students test advanced or proficient in reading. Wyoming districts without PD 360 increased less than 8 percent. At the beginning of the three years, FCSD1 tested equally with other state districts in reading. After three years with PD 360, they created an achievement gap of almost 6 percent. After four years, the achievement gap grew to almost 9 percent.

School Improvement Network’s Educator Effectiveness System gives research-based, on-demand professional development for teachers through an ever-growing library of over 2,000 video segments on 125 educational topics with nationally renowned education experts. The Educator Effectiveness System is also home to the world’s largest online professional learning community with nearly a million verified educators. PD 360 and the other tools in the Educator Effectiveness System have earned numerous awards, and independent research studies have shown PD 360 increases student achievement by as much as 30 percent in a single school year and has closed the achievement gap for thousands of schools.

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