February 16, 2012

Elevate Student Achievement with Better Classroom Management

Professional Development Producer, School Improvement Network, Has Some of Its Top Classroom Management Resources Available for Free At http://www.schoolimprovement.com/pd360-free-pd/free-videos

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Classroom Management is Fundamental to Effective Teaching

SALT LAKE CITY — Feb 16, 2012 —It’s a fact: teaching is getting harder every year.

And for all of the challenges that educators face, perhaps the most difficult is the task of classroom management. In order to enable teachers to effectively manage their classrooms, School Improvement Network, the worldwide leader in professional development for educators, is releasing a series of free resources in the month of February that are proven to increase student achievement by honing classroom management skills. Research has shown that these resources, available anytime online, not only increase classroom management skills, but will raise student test scores by as much as 20 percent in a single year.

The first of these resources, a professional development video titled “Proactive Classroom Management,” teaches classroom management strategies using footage of real teachers in real classrooms, resolving discipline issues that educators see on a daily basis. The video provides a structure for anticipating problems or interruptions before they occur, and finding ways to eliminate or lessen their impact on learning.

Another free classroom management resource being offered is a video titled “Teaching Social and Emotional Behaviors,” which outlines strategies for providing skills that students may not be learning elsewhere. “Our children,” explains classroom management expert Dr. Carol Cummings, “aren’t being raised in a home by moms who are teaching them emotional skills.” “Teaching Social and Emotional Behaviors” offers an outline for helping such students, and by the same token, for making the classroom an environment more conducive to learning.

Make sure to stay tuned to receive more free classroom management videos as they become available throughout the month of February, classroom management month. To access these, and other videos, visit School Improvement Network’s Weekly Video Blog at http://www.schoolimprovement.com/pd360-free-pd/free-videos.