March 08, 2012

Professional Development Leaders Partner to Provide Online Behavior Management Training for Teachers

School Improvement Network teams with Autism Training Solutions to Provide On-Demand, Special Education Training Videos

SALT LAKE CITY — March 8, 2012 —School Improvement Network and Autism Training Solutions (ATS) announce a partnership that will deliver much needed, quality professional development to teachers struggling to manage disruptive classroom behavior.

“Before you can effectively teach a student, you have to have firm control of the classroom,” says Curtis Linton, vice president of School Improvement Network. “This can be a difficult thing to achieve, especially for teachers of students with autism. Our goal in teaming up with ATS is to give teachers the tools they need to get past disruptive behaviors and move on to the business of teaching.”

And the partnership couldn’t come at a better time. As the student population diversifies, many schools are adopting a more differentiated instruction model, or “whole-school approach” to teaching. This means that students with disabilities like autism are being grouped with other children in the regular classroom environment. The whole-school approach, while it is closing the achievement gap between traditional students and students with disabilities, is also creating new challenges for teachers, who can find it difficult to reach a population of students they don’t entirely understand.

“It’s all a matter of training,” explains Linton. “Too many teachers in whole-school classrooms haven’t received instruction on how to reach their special needs students, and too few of our special education teachers have received training specific to autism. That’s where our new partnership with ATS comes in. Essentially, what we’re doing is taking all of the amazing things that ATS has learned about special needs education throughout their years of experience and incorporating it into the PD 360 platform, where it can be at teachers’ fingertips, whenever they need it, 24/7. For struggling students and teachers, this is nothing short of a game changer.”

Course participants will have access to six extensive teaching videos prepared by leading experts on autism and special needs, as well as temporary access to the entire PD 360 professional development video library. They will be shown how to manage typical behaviors like obsessive focus, ritualistic performance, and tantrums. They will learn how to assess their students’ needs, plan and implement child-specific instruction, and ultimately better understand and reach students with autism. With these premium courses, teachers can begin the path to certify to work with students on the autism spectrum or just read up on the latest techniques.

To register for ATS courses, call School Improvement Network at 1-866-835-4185, or email a request to Anyone can join PD 360 for free and receive a free 30-day trial just by logging on to and clicking on the free trial button.