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Who we are

School Improvement Network is a professional learning provider for educators. We’re driven by a single-minded cause: to help 100% of teachers become more effective, so that 100% of students are college and career ready.

What we do

Everything we do helps leaders create personalized learning opportunities for their educators, resulting in improved teacher effectiveness and dramatically higher student achievement.

Professional learning

Edivation, our flagship product, provides thousands of videos, lesson plans, ebooks, and more—all designed to help educators improve their practice.


Observation 360 digitizes observations and integrates PD into the feedback process, helping you turn every observation into a powerful learning experience.

Data and reporting

Single sign-on access puts all of your PD and observation data together. Combined with our custom reports service, you can easily meet your compliance requirements.

PD implementation consultation and support

Our long-term implementation, training, and support program helps you reach your PD and student achievement goals.

How we help you

Our products offer many benefits. These are the most important:

Saves you time

Our offering reduces the time you and your teachers spend managing and engaging in PD.

Saves you money

Our job-embedded solution lowers the cost of professional learning by up to 96% compared to traditional PD solutions.

Helps you achieve your unique professional learning goals

Our comprehensive implementation support ensures the success of your PD program.

Increases student achievement

Peer-reviewed research shows that our solutions boost student proficiency on standardized tests by an average of 18% while decreasing dropout rates and discipline problems.


Magnum Fortis

Every department effective, every officer proficient

Magnum Fortis, a sister company of School Improvement Network, provides blended professional development resources to law enforcement, military and corporate security.

Edivation is research proven to elevate schools

When teachers use Edivation for as little as 10 minutes a week, it makes a significant impact on student achievement—and on schools as a whole.

*Research based on peer-to-peer comparison.

Higher student achievement growth*

The best in education
and over 100 awards to prove it

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