Louisiana Gets Ready for Common Core Implementation

As the Common Core Rolls Out All Over the Country, Louisiana Prepares for State-Wide Implementation

common core implementationSalt Lake City, UT – April 18, 2012 Despite the ongoing controversy that has accompanied the biggest education initiative in 30 years, the Common Core Standards have been adopted in most states, with a handful already undertaking full-scale implementation. And while many states are scheduling implementation for the 2013-2014 school year, educators in Louisiana will begin Common Core implementation at the beginning of the 2012-2013 school year, leaving behind the GLEs for core subjects, the state’s current academic standards.

“Common Core implementation in Louisiana, as in other states, means that schools will be setting a higher set of expectations for their students,” says Curtis Linton, vice president of School Improvement Network, a professional development company that is pioneering Common Core training. “States that have begun Common Core implementation early are already seeing signs of improvement in student performance. It’s an exciting time for educators in America.”

The Common Core Standards are a set of educational benchmarks developed by leaders in education and the National Governors Association and have been adopted in 45 states. Rather than impose curriculum on schools, the Common Core sets student performance standards that slowly build upon themselves year after year. As early as Kindergarten, students will begin developing the basic skills that will make them college and career ready.

Each state has leeway to redraft the Standards as it sees fit, but as a whole, national Common Core implementation will establish a relatively uniform set of standards across the country, making it easier for families to move their children between schools and creating new opportunities for collaboration between educators all over the country.

To learn more about the Common Core Standards, visit School Improvement Network’s Common Core website.

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